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The Way of the Warrior Academy
Combat Sports and the fight against PTSD & CPTSD

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'When your purpose is simply to be the most high-functioning and joyful version of you that you can be, then every moment can be an opportunity to fulfill your purpose, and the journey becomes so much more exciting. You now have your purpose no matter what. Even the difficulties become more manageable when we are committed to expressing the truth of who we are' ― Shannon Lee, Be Water My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee

The Way of the Warrior Academy is a program designed to empower at youth risk and victims of violence and abuse through coaching, spirituality, the arts and combat sports. Through one-on-one embodiment sessions as well as rigorous martial arts training with expert mentors in the fields of trauma, resilience and combat sports, participants learn to understand, name and neutralize their demons so they can reclaim their power and uncover their purpose in the world.


Christiane Karam

'I've been called a fighter my whole life and now I can experience it in a tangible way. Boxing helped me regain control of my mind and body and redefine my relationship to violence by integrating destructive energies from the past into constructive patterns in the now. Many years on this path later, I am now in the process of articulating a method that can support victims of abuse and violence heal their PTSD and CPTSD, reclaim their bodies and sense of self, and access their full potential through boxing.' 


Christiane Karam uses multiple trauma-informed practices to train both groups and individuals to lend a more compassionate ear to the information their bodies hold about their past, often times very difficult, experiences. She uses her training in psychology, peak performance, holistic health, and the use of voice and rhythm to safely bring participants back to their innermost place of truth from where they can start rebuilding an often times completely shattered sense of self and safety in the world.

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Ahmad Osman

Today Ahmad Osman serves as the head coach of the Lebanese Army Boxing Team, as well as a freelance coach in Beirut, Lebanon. Osman hails from Baalbek, Lebanon and holds an impressive record of amateur fights in his native country as well as in the region. After promising beginnings in boxing and kickboxing in Damascus, Syria, where he spent his childhood, Osman joined the Lebanese Army and proceeded to become the reigning national and regional amateur boxing champion from 2008-2018, across 3 weight divisions. During that period he also competed in dozens of national and regional tournaments and earned bronze and silver medals in most, including Jeux de la Francophonie, Al Aqaba, and Al Nidal Tournaments , to name a few. Osman has also competed in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Sanda and Taekwondo, and holds various MMA titles to his credit as well. In addition to his extensive experience and stellar record in Lebanon, he has also trained and/or competed in Syria, Jordan, Canada, Sweden and Russia.

Today, Ahmad Osman is s a freelance coach in Beirut, Lebanon, where he trains fighters of all ages and levels - in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and general fitness- with unparalleled skill and dedication. He one of the region’s best coaches and is an asset to any gym and/or team he works with.


Ahmad has been part of the Way of the Warrior Academy since its inception and has remotely provided invaluable counsel and assistance to the process and clients over the course of many months. Ahmad will be coaching with the Academy in person starting 2024 and we are thrilled at the prospect of having him be a core member of our team.


"Hands down the best coach I’ve ever trained with. Thorough, encouraging, compassionate but also demanding. Knows his stuff more than anyone I’ve encountered in the US. Pushed me in ways I didn’t know possible and helped me believe in my potential. Osman is the man." - Amateur fighter, USA

"You are triply blessed if you're guided by Christiane Karam in discovering the power of your voice. Not only is she a truly gifted musician and deeply empathetic teacher. She has also traveled a steep road home to the soul source of her mesmerizing sound. Let her help you find yours."- Rachel Bagby, Rachel Bagby, J.D. (Stanford) Founder of Choral Earth, Muse & mentor for maverick leaders from organizations like Google and Organic Valley.

"Amazing coach, beautiful person, Coach Ahmad helped me get my health back and do things I never thought I could. Highly recommend!"- Client, USA

"Christiane is such a lovely human and a beautiful soul to work with. She helps me navigate through experiences and is able to offer insights that help me overcome challenges. With her guidance, I'm learning how to use the knowledge that has been within me- She has a beautiful gift of seeing my potential and helping me move toward my highest self. Her philosophy is rooted in love. She listens with an open mind/heart, makes me feel worthy of love and growth, and helps me see that I am capable of things that once seemed impossible. She shows up completely present in our space, able to meet me where I'm at and offer an enlightened perspective that helps me learn new skills and truly change. I feel so blessed to be on this journey with her!" - Singer/Songwriter, Holistic Practitioner, Boston, USA 

"Not only did Coach Ahmad help me improve my skills enormously, he made me fall in love with boxing all over again. He pushes you to reach potential you didn’t even know you had. He’s the best coach I’ve had and any gym would be lucky to have him"- Client, Beirut

"Incredible coach and gifted catalyst for change. Christiane has helped me identify what was holding me back and learn how to incrementally work towards clarifying and strengthening my sense of self and purpose in the world. Forever grateful to have crossed paths with her, and I have no words for how transformative this process has been." - Client, Boston, USA

"Coach Ahmad inspires me, teaches me, helps me become better at everything I do, and to reach my full potential." - Client


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