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'Since meeting Christiane Karam, a new musical world has opened for me. She is one of the most important voices in Mediterranean music today. Not only is she a great vocalist and composer but she also has a very special artistic vision. Her unique approach to combining the many influences she incorporates in her music and projects will one day be a reference for young artists who strive to bridge different musical cultures in a meaningful way' - Javier Limon (7 time Latin Grammy Winner)
- Javier Límon (8 time Latin Grammy Winner)

'You are triply blessed if you're guided by Christiane Karam in discovering the power of your voice. Not only is she a truly gifted musician and deeply empathetic teacher. She has also traveled a steep road home to the soul source of her mesmerizing sound. Let her help you find yours."
- Rachel Bagby, Rachel Bagby, J.D. (Stanford) Founder of Choral Earth, Muse & mentor for maverick leaders from organizations like Google and Organic Valley.
'Christiane has the 'Mystery' of the Bulgarian Voice in her sound, she truly captures the soul of the music and sings it as if it were her own. With her love for the tradition and her ability to convincingly share it and convey it to the world, she serves as a connector between our culture and others. I believe she was Bulgarian in a past life.'
- Binka Dobreva, Soloist, Mystere des Voix Bulgares
" Christiane Karam crafts her vocal interpretations with marvelous fluidity. Her performance with the ZilZALA Ensemble is creatively conceived and beautifully executed.”
- (about 'Songs of the People'- A. J. Racy, Ph.D, Classical Arabic Music Scholar & master performer)
"East and West collide in the music of the ZiLZALA Middle Eastern Ensemble...This international cast of musicians provide a distinctive flavor and an irresistible rhythm."
-Luke O'Neil, the Boston Globe
“Christiane has demonstrated to a whole generation in the Boston area, the charm, sophistication and elaborate technique involved in classical Arabic music, and then went on to incorporate it into her own writing. Her projects don’t only make musical sense, but they demonstrate a supreme example of harmony in our mixed global community. She will be remembered for her musical contributions.”
-Jamey Haddad (master drummer/percussionist-Paul Simon, Simon Shaheen, Dave Liebman)


'When Christiane begins to sing, an overwhelming silence takes over the room; it is as though the public is compelled to dedicate their five senses to basking in the voice of this exceptional artist.'
-Nuria Medina, Casa Arabe


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