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Private Lessons/One-On-One Coaching

Private lessons and coaching in a wide variety of topics and modalities are offered in person and via Skype/Facetime or Zoom. In person lessons can be offered on a regular basis in Boston and New York City, as well as in the various traveling/touring locations throughout the year. In addition to being an acclaimed creativity/music/vocal coach, she is also both a certified Health and Peak Performance Coach.


Online lessons and sessions are also offered year round and are very convenient for anyone who travels a lot and/or who is not based on the East Coast of the United States. Payment is made easy through the various available platforms (Paypal/Venmo) and the terms are discussed on a case by case basis.


Lessons cover all the topics described in the classes and workshops (please visit Berklee College of Music and Voices pages for more detail). Coaching sessions cover a wide spectrum of content and potential, and could include working towards one's voice, on a personal and artistic level, as well as in the world- the work can range from deepening self-awareness, harnessing creativity and expanding artistic expression, to different holistic aspects of health such as nutrition, wellness, embodiment, sound, and a range of trauma-informed practices geared towards finding more balance, empowerment and authenticity. Both lesson and session formats and parameters are discussed on a case by case basis with the student and/or client to determine the needs and best approach prior to beginning the work.

The pandemic has taken a toll on our professional, physical and mental health.. Getting the proper support in these trying times is crucial, and a few sessions could be all you need to restore and learn to manage your wellbeing as well as reconnect with your creative voice.  

For more information about special deals on lessons/sessions, and to sign up for a consultation, please email


FGP Certified Coach with Distinction (Wi
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'Christiane is an incredible teacher and coach. Since working with her, not only have I learned new techniques to strengthen my voice, but I have gained more trust in myself and a deeper connection to the power of my expression. She has a wonderful way of weaving together the technical and the mystical, always reminding me that learning music

is not just about reaching goals and developing skill, but also about understanding who we are on a deep soul level.' —Nina Lombardo, Singer/Songwriter, Healing Practitioner, USA


'I started working with Christiane several months ago because I'm interested in finding my true voice. Not the voice that is a byproduct of the tension in my body from the past. She's taking me on a deep journey and introduced me to the original authentic place where my voice arises. I am discovering that I now have available to me areas of sound that I can identify and access unlike before, and without which I was bypassing a magical door critical for the understanding of my most authentic self. Only someone who has visited the deepest parts of humanity and self has the capacity to take you on a journey such as this. Christiane Karam is one of those people and I feel incredibly fortunate that our paths have crossed.' —Christina White, Healing Practitioner, USA

‘Christiane is such a lovely human and a beautiful soul to work with. She helps me navigate through experiences and is able to offer insights that help me overcome challenges. With her guidance, I'm learning how to use the knowledge that has been within me- She has a beautiful gift of seeing my potential and helping me move toward my highest self. Her philosophy is rooted in love. She listens with an open mind/heart, makes me feel worthy of love and growth, and helps me see that I am capable of things that once seemed impossible. She shows up completely present in our space, able to meet me where I'm at and offer an enlightened perspective that helps me learn new skills and truly change. I feel so blessed to be on this journey with her!’ - Holistic Practitioner, Boston, USA 

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