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Of Broken Pieces and Light Ahead is a compilation of prose and poetry that speaks to both our individual and shared human experience, of trauma, of healing and ultimately triumph. It is an exquisite yet profound portrayal of the winding and intertwining road that led the author from helplessness to empowerment, from fragmented to whole, and from darkness to light. It takes the reader on a journey through vivid snapshots of war, love, life and death, seen both through the lens of PTSD and from the perspective of someone who has overcome it.

‘Vivid, poignant, humorous. Musician and author Christiane Karam's 'Of Broken Pieces and Light ahead' is a mix of prose and poetry which speaks to the resilience of the human spirit, the transmutation of trauma, the duality of our nature, of love, the quest for joy, the beauty in the fragments until the path reveals itself and the heart is whole again, even if just until the next moment. A compelling and transformative book.’


Nancy Slonim Aronie


‘Writing from the heart : Tapping the power of your inner voice’ and ‘Memoir as Medicine:

The healing power of writing your imperfect messy unruly ( but gorgeously yours) story’


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