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Jazziz New Release Cheat Sheet 12.17.22
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Vocalist/composer Christiane Karam will release Nar, her first album in nine years, on January 28 (...) The announcement comes with the release of its lead single, “Beirut,” and its accompanying video, which you can watch via the player below. This album’s centerpiece is dedicated to the historic city of Beirut and the victims of the deadly explosion that took place there last year. 

Jazziz 10 Albums You Need to Know 01.05.22

On Nar, visionary vocalist/composer Christiane Karam melds Middle Eastern and Balkan aesthetics with contemporary jazz alongside her quartet with pianist Vadim Neselovskyi, cellist Naseem Alatrash, bassist Peter Slavov and percussionist Keita Ogawa. 

Jazziz Travel 01.11.22
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Christiane Karam's eclectic vocal style stems from her love for different musical traditions and roots in Armenian, Arab, and French cultures.


Her new album, 𝙉𝘼𝙍 will be released on January 28. It is dedicated to the memory of the lives tragically lost in the 2020 explosion at the Port of Beirut and a joyous, uplifting tribute to the resilience, connection and triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity. 

Jazz FM Bulgaria Nar 01.13.22
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На 28 януари излиза новият албум на вокалистката Криастиан Карам, наречен Nar. От арабски заглавието означава „огън“. Това е първият дългосвирещ проект на вокалистката от 9 г. насам и първият, който тя записва заедно със своя квинтет. Nar беше включен в обзора на списанието Jazziz за януари 2022 г. с десетте албума, за които трябва да знаете.

Bite Size Jazz Podcast Nar 02.02.2022

Vocalist and composer Christiane Karam fuses a world of influences in her latest album, Nar. We hear western harmony, eastern melodies, Balkan rhythms, Hungarian folk tunes, and a few surprising influences like Pink Floyd and David Bowie. Christiane’s music melds these sounds together to unfold the shared experiences of humanity.

Musicalmemoirs' Blog Nar  02.02.2022
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The Christiane Karam Quintet is a love letter to Beirut.  The project opens with Middle Eastern melodies sung by Christiane Karam against the beat of Keita Ogawa’s percussion excellence.  There is an upright bass that joins the mix along with Vadim Neselovskyi on piano, playing thick, staccato chords.  Ms. Karam’s voice is wordless.  She creates sound with tones and melody leaving lyrics behind.  This is modern jazz infused with a multilingual and Lebanon cultural musical tapestry.  “Nar” is Christiane Karam’s fourth album release, but it’s a first using a quintet.

NAR The Big Takeover  03.07.2022
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Nar, the fourth album from jazz singer Christiane Karam, means “fire” in Arabic – a title directly related the 2020 bombing of the Beirut native’s home city. The aftermath of that tragedy, plus a wait nearly nine years between albums and delays caused by the pandemic, inform the songs here.

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