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Boxing and the fight against PTSD & CPTSD

'I've been called a fighter my whole life and now I can experience it in a tangible way. Boxing helped me regain control of my mind and body and redefine my relationship to violence by integrating destructive energies from the past into constructive patterns in the now. Many years on this path later, I am now in the process of articulating a method that can support victims of abuse and violence heal their PTSD and CPTSD, reclaim their bodies and sense of self, and access their full potential through boxing.' ― Christiane 







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'When your purpose is simply to be the most high-functioning and joyful version of you that you can be, then every moment can be an opportunity to fulfill your purpose, and the journey becomes so much more exciting. You now have your purpose no matter what. Even the difficulties become more manageable when we are committed to expressing the truth of who we are.' ― Shannon Lee, Be Water My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee

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