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Your Voice
Is Your Power

'You are triply blessed if you're guided by Christiane Karam in discovering the power of your voice. Not only is she a truly gifted musician and deeply empathetic teacher. She has also traveled a steep road home to the soul source of her mesmerizing sound. Let her help you find yours."
— Rachel Bagby, J.D. (Stanford) Founder of Choral Earth, Muse & mentor for maverick leaders from organizations like Google and Organic Valley.

I’ve trained with many teachers who followed an array of different approaches. Some of these were traumatic experiences that left me feeling inadequate. Working with Christiane has been the exact opposite - disarming, empowering and exciting. Christiane is far more than a voice teacher; she’s an intuitive guide with a compassionate therapeutic touch. She weaves her musical mastery together with her clear connection to the divine and faith in humankind, and invites forth her students’ inner strength, vulnerability, courage and humility to play together without goal or consequence. What a gift! 

— Vocalist, Sound Practitioner, New York, USA

Voices is a Vocal Improvisation Workshop series founded and led by Christiane Karam. It takes the participants on a journey of discovery and empowerment of self through the understanding and practice of vocal improvisation. The participants delve into fundamentals of musicianship, ranging from harmonic concepts to eastern modes and polyrhythms while also deeply going inward and identifying roadblocks that may be in the way. Formats range from Masterclass to Residency. All Levels. All Styles.


Module 1:


This session focuses on the meditative aspects of collective singing and draws from various Eastern traditions to demonstrate and create musical soundscapes. There is also a focus on modes and microtonal singing, as well as the different musical and healing properties that become accessible when one delves deeply into this practice.


Module 2:


This session focuses on odd meters and rhythmic cycles from various traditions, namely India, the Middle East and the Balkans. Breaking down, subdividing and feeling those rhythms in the body is explored at length, as well as creating circlesongs inspired by these rhythms and the joyous traditional folk dances from those regions.


Module 3:


This session focuses on different aspects involved in soloing, like modes, harmony, motivic development, phrasing, contour, dynamics. Different styles and grooves are utilized as the parameters for soloing, including blues, singing over changes and circle singing, Various degrees of depth are developed and explored. 

Module 4: 

This module focuses on the various components on vocal, mental, physical and spiritual health and the balance needed to achieve our full creative potential. Through a myriad of mind/body practices and processes, we learn to access more of the intelligence available to us that in turn allows us to achieve optimal health and artistic expression.    

Module 5:

This module focuses on the different energetic centers (chakras), and their coming into alignment with the help of different frequencies of sound and the human voice. Through breathwork, embodiment, toning and vocalization exercices, mindfulness is directed to different parts of the body so alignment and repair can begin to occur.


Module 6:


This module focuses on the different components of trauma, and the ramifications of wounding and grief it entails. Through intention setting and mindful breathing and toning, participants are encouraged to start identifying the ways traumatic events in their past might have translated into tension, physical pain, illness or states of hyperarousal, apathy and/or numbing. Through the brave work of trusting their body and being guided into the heart of the pain in the body, the trauma and trauma-related story can come into more clarity and the grieving and healing processes can begin.

Several modules are often times combined into one workshop. These workshops can also be offered remotely. For more sign up information and link, as well as the different format possibilities and availability, please contact 

Voices Online- November 12th.jpg

"Voices" is a musical experience that combines inspiration, emotion and musical technique. It is impossible to conceive performance in the same way as before this workshop.  Christiane Karam is a great master who owns techniques of harmony, creation and execution;  in addition to having a beautiful timbre and a beautiful way of understanding life and music.  I change myself with each new encounter! -Leandro Cavalcante, Musician, Brazil

'Christiane is highly spiritual and inspirational when teaching music.- Ian Lesnevski, Vocalist, Bulgaria

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