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The NAiMA Project




The NAiMA Project is a Sofia-based initiative that

was founded by Christiane Karam in the fall of 2014, with valuable contributions from core members Stanislav Arabadjiev & Zhivko Vasilev.


NAiMA strives to bring together Balkan, Middle

Eastern& Western folk and contemporary musical

traditions in a meaningful way, while also

serving as a platform for community,

storytelling and multimedia. The project often performs in smaller duo and trio formations but

also operates as a collective that brings in and collaborates with artists from around the world. 





Current line-up/Collaborators:

Christiane Karam (Voice, Percussion, Compositions)

Stanislav Arabadjiev (Keys, Guitar)

Zhivko Vasilev (Kaval)

Peyo Peev (Gadulka)

Stefan Hristov (Tabla)

Buny Barabuny (Percussion)

Peter Todorov (Percussion)




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