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Christiana Jade

The Christiana Jade Project was born from a deep friendship and common vision between Christiane Karam & producer extraordinaire Angel Angelov.

Angelov heard Christiane's songs and imagined a cutting edge larger than life sound to bring them to life. The 'I'm Alive' EP went on to receive numerous awards and accolades from various competitions and labels such as EMI- It's a celebration of a new beginning and a new lease on life, as well as an invitation to joy and dance! 'I'm Alive' also includes a collaboration with producer/programmer Chris Child on 'Place in the Sun', the first song Karam wrote upon her arrival to the US in 1998.




'I'm Alive' Awards:

' I'm Alive'- 1st Prize Winner, 2001 USA Songwriting Competition, 'Look Up to the Sky- Finalist, 2002 USA Songwriting Competition, 'Breathe'- Honorable Mention, 2002  USA Songwriting Competition, Place in the Sun' -Finalist, 2003 John Lennon Songwriting Contest, 'Look Up to the Sky'- Runner Up, 2003 John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Due to popular demand, a special edition of 'I'm Alive' will be released in 2019, with exclusive never released before material.

Stay tuned!

Place in the Sun (C.Karam)



Laying still in her little bed

She's not here she has fled

She already knows what lies ahead

And it's all clear


All they do all day is kill time

They can't see they can't be

And she's got her mountain to climb

She will be free


She's going to fly

High in the sky

She wants her place in the sun

She's too young to die

Too true to lie

She wants her place in,

She'll have her place in the sun



She is all alone in her dream

In her scream, in her scheme

And although they all are so near

They still can't hear

Even though she's silent today

She is strong, she won't stay

And she knows she's not doing wrong

She'll have her way





Leave, go where tomorrow shines

Keep dreaming, don't give up


Had a dream about a fairy

Her eyes bright with delight

Everything's gonna be alright

She said to me


You're going to fly

High in the sky

You want your place in the sun

You're too young to die

Too true to lie

You'll have your place in the sun


You're too young to die

(Keep dreaming)

Place in the Sun
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