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With education experience spanning 2 decades, Christiane offers workshops in the various disciplines she works with. Below are brief descriptions of the various formats. Workshops oftern combine several of the topics and are customized to fullfill the various needs of the participants. Several of these focus areas can be grouped in one workshop as well.

For more info and booking, please contact:

Eastern Styles 

A comprehensive workshop that teaches the fundamentals of eastern music, styles, with an emphasis on middle eastern, and balkan traditions.  the concepts explored range from rhythmic cycles  to modes and microtones. Learning is customized, experiential and a lot of fun!

Fusion Concepts

An ensemble (instrumental & vocal) workshop that focuses on bridging eastern and western styles, namely contemporary jazz and traditional middle eastern and balkan music. Odd meters, modal harmony, groove and improvisation are thoroughly explored.


Vocal Technique

A workshop that  addresses various aspects of vocal health and technique.



A workshop that explores  musicianship through circlesinging, an improvisation artform brought to life and practiced by Bobby McFerrin.


Odd Meters

A workshop that teaches and explores different aspects of long rhythmic cycles, odd meters and subdivisions as they pertain to middle eastern and balkan styles.

Call to Action/Finding your purpose

A workshop that helps artists as well as community members find their voice and delve into the many ways they can make a difference and create positive social change through their music and artistry. 

Songwriting & Social Change

A workshop specifically tailored to songwriters committed to making a difference in the world through writing conscious songs and telling their story.

Circlesongs with Bobby McFerrin & Voicestra @ the Omega Institute

An annual workshop held at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, and led by Bobby McFerrin and members of Voicestra.

For more information and to register, please go to:

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